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Mo Stache - sticker pack for iMessage

with 23 static, furry and some sensible digital sticker moustaches

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Mo Stache

Why are mousers so much fun? They are certainly cool and a little mad.

However with so many to pick from – what will you choose? Maybe a ‘Handlebar’, a diabolical ‘Dali’, or even a marvelous ‘Magnum P.I.’ or perhaps an ‘Asterix’ moustache?

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“A moustache is actually the one thing I really can grow. One of the bad parts about my facial hair situation is that I can't grow sideburns. I'm happy to still have my own hair on my head, but I can't grow any sideburns. If you ever see me with sideburns, they're not real.” - Kevin Bacon

Mo Stache – a sticker pack for iMessage app on iOS 10 devices.

So many moustaches in an array of realistic colours – so hard to pick which one to try first. Hairy upper lips never looked so hip.

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