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Happy New Year - sticker pack for iMessage

contains 39 static and 8 animated digital stickers

Happy New Year

Add festive stickers to your New Years greetings to your friends & family members while you chat on iMessage.

Penguins in party hats wearing a tux with style as well as owls with attitude and antlers. Party balloons, twinkly lights and also sparkly masks to transform your party pics.

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“I used to do the beat box. A friend of mine, he was the rapper and after, we'd be doing a block party or something or a house party, and he's gettin' all the attention and I'd end up with a handful of spit, you know, from doing the beats.” - DMX

Happy New Year – a sticker pack for iMessage app on iOS 10 devices.

There is something for any message you send over the festive period and of course we included animated fireworks.

It wouldn’t be a New Year without a bang or two!

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