Here at SoulSun Designs (“SoulSun Designs”, “we”, “us”, “our”), we use a variety of technologies to help us improve the SoulSun Designs website (“the Site”) and SoulSun Designs services (this also includes apps and applications – “SoulSun Designs Service” or “Service”). 

1. Why use cookies

We use cookies to get non-personally identifiable information about our visitors. This data gives us information about what kind of browser you are using, your IP address or geo-location, from which website you came and mainly what pages you visited and how long have you spent on our Site.

This information lets us improve our Site and content on it, to make it more relevant and interesting to you and for our other visitors.


2. Third parties

We use Google Analytics (we may also use other similar services) to collect and analyse statistical data about visitors to our website.

For advertising purposes we use Google AdWords and similar services to serve you SoulSun Designs adverts when you visit certain third party website.

Please be aware that third parties, those affiliated as well as those not affiliated with us, might be tracking you through their own cookies. SoulSun Designs has no control over, and therefore cannot assume responsibility for these cookies or general practices of any of these third party sites and/or services. SoulSun Designs can therefore not be liable for such practices of third parties.


3. Opting Out

You can change your cookie preference through settings in your web browser. Some cookie policies can also be altered through your Google, Facebook and other social media accounts. Please consult third party guidelines on how to alter their cookie policies.

To opt-out from Google Analytics please follow this link [click here].To opt-out from Google AdWords please follow this link [click here].

However, please be aware that by disabling or rejecting certain cookies you may not be able to take full advantage of our Site or Services, as some cookies are necessary for the Site to function properly.

Alternatively, if you do not agree with our Cookie Policy, we kindly ask you to stop using our Site and our Services.


4 .Contact us

If you have any questions about the Cookie Policy, please feel free to contact us though our online contact form [click here].