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The top 5 best and worst emojis EVER!

It was announced early this year that thespian actor of all things Shakespearean and Starfleet Federation, Sir Patrick Stewart, is the voice of the poo emoji in ‘The Emoji Movie’. I know…we never thought we’d see the day either!

It is yet to be seen how that plays out…bad play on words there. But all joking aside, this got us thinking. Are there some emojis we just hate and other’s we can’t live without? So here is our Top 5 awesome and Top 5 crap emojis…(pun intended 🙂 )


1. Face With Look Of Triumph Emoji

Triumph Emoji

Really? Looks more like an emoji expressing frustration or perhaps disgust or the sender is in a huff with you. However, is this what a look of triump looks like? Nah…we didn’t think so either.

2. Woman In Bunny Ears Emoji

Bunny Ladies Emoji

Some people interpret this as BFF’s that party together and have fun. A display of friendship perhaps. Ummm not quite, it’s more Hugh Hefneresque playboy bunny vibe than lets be friends forever emoji. A touch on the creepy side.

3. Someone in a Bathtub Emoji

Bathtub Emoji

This one is just plain awkward. When would you use this. Perhaps when you slip and fall from using conditioner and can’t move from the agony but you can message and give your followers an update. Mmmm…we might have talked ourselves out of this being one of the worst…it might even be lifesaving.

4. Toilet Emoji

Toilet Emoji

We seemed to have stuck with the bathroom theme and at number 4 is the toilet emoji. Again disturbing and useless, but completely practical and useful in real life. We can’t think of a decent conversation where you would use this emoji apart from Cher describing President Trump!

5. Poo Emoji

Poo Emoji

At number 5 we have the humble poo emoji. I guess it should have been number 1 (we need to stop with the puns)! We debated if this should actually be on this list of on the Top 5 Best Emoji list because people either love or hate this emoji. People wear this emoji on t-shirts and in public. We voted in the office and unfortunately it landed on the bottom of the worst list.


1. Shocked Emoji

Shocked Emoji

We think this emoji is the one of the best as it is as clear as day what it means. Some use this for surprised, astonished or just that awkward moment that needs that extra expression where words just won’t do.

2. See No Evil, Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil Emojis

No See Hear Speak Emoji

This trio got joint 3rd place in our best emoji list. They are super cute and instantly recognisable. Just about everyone using emojis have heard the proverb “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. They are also useful in everyday conversations.

3. Thumbs Up Emoji

Like Emoji

We love this simple straightforward emoji and we think it’s the best finger on the hand to be pointing up. It gives the right message with a positive vibe, ‘well done’, ‘great job’. It also should be noted that back in 2015 we started to notice a more diverse range of these emoji’s as illustrated below.

4. Heart Emoji (all variations)

Hearts Emoji

You can’t help but love the heart emoji. But we especially dig the black heart emoji that Apple introduced that brings to mind the lyrics from Simon & Garfunkel ‘Hello darkness my old friend’. It could be broken hearts, sparkling hearts or a blackened heart…we think they’re spot on and instantly relatable.

5. Pizza Emoji and Beer Emoji

Pizza & Beer Emoji

In joint last place we had to put these two as they go so well together, plus you can’t really have one without the other. Universally recognisable, ‘lets meet for drinks and pizza’ or ‘I’m hungry…beer and pizza?’. A great emoji that encourages us to be more social.

What do you think of our best and worst list? Is there an emoji you think that deserves to be on the list, that you think we might have overlooked? Drop us a message below in the comments or on our Twitter & Facebook social media pages and get involved.

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How to install and use iMessage stickers (or apps)

Hi there, today we’ll be looking into how to install and use iMessage stickers. While some of you are quite savvy finding all these things by yourself, we’ve seen many users who struggle to find their way around iMessage. To be honest, we must add that Apple didn’t make it the most intuitive of how one installs and uses stickers in iMessage.

For Example, did you know that you can actually buy stickers from two stores? No? We thought so. Your first store is the old known Apple App Store, the one and only store full of iOS apps. The second one is the dedicated App Store for iMessage, which is available directly from your iMessage app.

So then you ask what is the main difference. Well, one of the main and at the moment still most confusing ones is that if you buy sticker packs (or iMessage apps) from the standard App Store you don’t actually get to see where the stickers get installed. Also looking at your “Purchased” tab, you can barely distinguish the difference between normal apps and stickers.

This caused a lot of confusion among buyers and unfortunately lots of developers were getting slack and negative reviews for “hiding” stickers. However, that was not the fault of the developers, but rather the slightly unusual set-up by Apple. It doesn’t make it clear that your stickers have actually been installed in the iMessage app, as well as when you open the iMessage app, you’re actually required to click through 3-4 times, before you actually open the stickers and apps drawer.

That is why installing and accessing iMessage stickers and apps from the default App Store for iMessage is better as you can immediately see before you start purchasing and installing stickers, where these stickers live and what you already have installed.

Now, let’s go from the start and follow this step by step. We’ll firstly look into how to install the stickers followed by how to access and use them. Plus there will be a little tip at the end for the developers, to help your users access the right App Store.

How to install iMessage stickers and apps

  1. Open iMessage app on your iOS device running iOS 10 or above.
  2. Click on the arrow icon next to the text input to get more options.
  3. Now click on the App icon.
  4. Click on the 4 rounded rectangles like icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  5. Click on the icon with a “plus” sign, which will take you to the App Store for iMessage.
  6. Now that you are in the App Store, you can browse stickers and apps for iMessage.
  7. Once you select and purchase or download sticker pack or app for iMessage, they will appear inside a drawer that you’ve seen in step 4 and 5 above.

iMessage Stickers - How to Install

How to access and use your iMessage stickers and apps

  1. Open iMessage app on your iOS device running iOS 10 or above.
  2. Click on the arrow icon next to the text input to get more options.
  3. Now click on the App icon which will open a drawer at the bottom.
  4. Click on the 4 rounded rectangles like icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  5. Now select sticker pack or app from the selection. If you do not see the one you’re looking for, just swipe the drawer left or right until you get it.
  6. Once you find your sticker pack select it and you will be presented with the stickers.
  7. If you would like to see all stickers in the sticker pack, press the bottom right icon.
  8. To use a sticker press on it to make it appear in the text input field. Alternatively if you would like to attach the sticker to a message cloud or a picture – click and hold the sticker then move it over the message cloud (make sure the cloud changes colour which will indicate that the sticker can be attached).
  9. To resize the sticker when dragging, just use another finger in a pinch and zoom motion. Pinch-out to make it bigger and pinch-in to make it smaller.

iMessage Stickers - How to Use

Tip for developers

To those of you who haven’t noticed yet, when you publish a link to your iMessage stickers and apps, you most likely got it from iTunes Connect or the online App Store, which means that every time you click that link on an iPhone or iPad, you will be guided to the default App Store. As we’ve discussed above, that could be a big no no, especially for some users, as it will cause them unnecessary grief, which in turn will probably hit you back like a boomerang in the form of a negative review.

So in order to avoid that, you should always add the following at the end of your links in order to open them directly in the App Store for iMessage: “?app=messages” (do not use quotations marks, we do hope that is clear by now).

And here is a little demonstration – why don’t you try it on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Link to our Trumpism stickers the old way [CLICK HERE]
  2. Link to our Trumpism stickers with direct link to App Store for iMessage [CLICK HERE]

We hope you can see the difference and that it will help you promote your content by linking to the correct App Store.

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SoulSun Designs - New Directions

Hi and welcome to SoulSun Designs new website and blog. While some of you are already familiar with our brand, especially if you’re from Scotland, to others, this might be a completely new discovery.

Sooo… For those who’d like to know more, please keep reading below. For those ‘others’ who prefer to read the last pages of a thrilling book first, here is a long story short: we sat down, had a long discussion of what we do and what we would like to do which consequently brought us to a decision to sail into the digital waters. Sweet and short right.

Now for those brave souls that crave for more, just keep on keepin’ on… reading that is.

SoulSun Designs is a small graphic design studio. We put our roots down all the way back in 2009 with the aim to provide bespoke graphic design services to a wide variety of clients. At the start of our journey, we focused mainly on printed media, providing clients with business stationery, logo creation, branding, as well as offering web design services. We enjoyed our work and still do, however, over the years and with the increase of mobile media (yes we are looking at you Apple iPhone) and the ever changing landscape, we have decided it was time to dip our toes into the digital waters.

Now you’re probably scratching your head and wondering what we mean by going digital. Yes, yes we know, you mostly use a PC or Mac these days to design artwork for print, but this is not the digital that we’re talking about. Digital world, or better digital services/assets is what we’re talking about – those that do not necessarily get printed and can be accessed and bought from anywhere in the world, as long as you have some sort of internet connection and a digital device.

Our digital assets at the moment range from digital papers and cliparts to digital stickers which are available to purchase or download through a variety of providers (see our homepage). The digital stickers we create are more focused to work with specialised apps, namely iMessage and LINE, while you can use digital papers and cliparts on pretty much any platform. We’re also speedily working on adding other digital assets such as 3D models for use in games, animations or architectural visualisations. Another area we’re proactively developing and adding to our portfolio of digital products are apps for both mobile and desktop platforms.

As you can see our future is all about digital and we’re keen to sail those waters towards the digital ocean. 🙂 However, fear not, if you’re still looking for our bespoke print and web services, we’re still here for you and all you have to do is drop us a line through our contact form or alternatively give us a wee call and we’re confident we can find a solution for your needs.

Oh we’ve reached the end of our post. We’d like to say thank you to all of our clients who have supported us since our start and extending a warm welcome to all new clients who are joining us on a daily basis. We love what we do and we appreciate that you do as well. Your support gives us inspiration to continue with our work.